[xmlsec] [Patch] Key / Certificate loading from memory

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Thu Aug 7 17:42:09 PDT 2003


I made several changes to your patch:

    - always create/destroy BIO in the same function;
    - added comments for new function for API reference documentation;
    - added PKCS#12 support;
    - added xmlSecOpenSSLAppKeysMngrCertLoadMemory() and
    xmlSecOpenSSLAppKeysMngrCertLoadBIO () functions to load
    into keys manager trusted/untrsuted certs from memory.

The code code is checked into the CVS trunk. You can also find
the diff attached to this bug:


Please let me know if my changes broke something for you :)


Joachim Bauch wrote:

> Hi Aleksey,
> here is the updated patch:
> - can load keys from memory
> - can load certificates from memory
> - added "xmlSecOpenSSLAppKeyLoadBio"
> - fixes memory leak in "xmlSecOpenSSLAppKeyCertLoad"
> The code for loading of pkcs12 files still needs to be done, but I don't
> have any more time for it today. Perhaps I can manage to write it 
> tomorrow.
> Joachim

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