[xmlsec] X509Data sub-element detail ?

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Thu Aug 7 08:30:07 PDT 2003

Edward Shallow wrote:

>I'm using Igor's Windows binaries which I believe were and still are at 1.04
Well, this was one of the main features in 1.1.0 release (thanks to 
Roumen for implementing this!) :)

>If you are tuning in Igor, is there any chance you will be recompiling the
>Windows binaries for 1.1.0 any time soon ?
You can try to compile it yourself. Download 
libxml/libxslt/iconv/openssl from Igor's site
(I guess you alredy should have it), configure xmlsec (look at 
win32/mycfg*.bat files for examples)
and just type nmake. Igor did a great job and now Windows compilation is 
really painless process :)


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