[xmlsec] NSS changes corresponding to Roumen's changes

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Wed Aug 6 09:07:54 PDT 2003

> Please find attached file pkg.sh,  save it in xmlsec ${top_builddir} 
> and run. See output for xmlsec1-nss:
> ....
> -L at pkglibdir@ -lxmlsec1-nss -lxmlsec1 -lxslt -lxml2 -lz -lm
> ....

Hm... This script gives correct output for me. And I guess John have 
checked it and
it worked for him too. Probably we have different autoconfs. Anyway, I 
see your problem now.

> No one of scripts configure or config.status contain command to 
> substitute @XMLSEC_LIBDIR at .

Ok. I never used that script myself :)

> I'm not sure that configure script should create that link.
> $ cd /usr/local/src/.work/.builds/xmlsec1-1.1.0
> $ /bin/ls -l COPYING
> lrwxrwxrwx    .... COPYING -> 
> /usr/local/src/.work/.sources/xmlsec1-1.1.0/Copyright

Ok, now I see it! :)

> Proprosed patch contain replacement of "ln -s" with $LN_S.

Yes, I noticied it first time :) This was trivial enough for me change 
and I have understood it
without explanations :)

> I think that everything works fine too, but suddenly ... :-)
> ....
> :-)  treat proposed patch as enhancement which fix potential problems ;-)

First of all, thanks for your patches! I really appreciate your help! 
The reason why I am asking
these stupid questions is that I want to understand what exactly I am 
doing. And I am really sorry
that these are *stupid* questions :( And enchancements are good. But 
don't forget the old
engineering rule: if it works, *DON'T* touch it :) IMHO, this rule 
applies to software engineering
may be even more than to traditional mechanical engineering :)

Patch applied and commited! Thanks again!


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