[xmlsec] nss updates

Tej Arora tejbiz at aol.com
Sat Jul 26 16:19:23 PDT 2003

Aleksey Sanin wrote:

 > >I just took a look at the tests. All of these tests
 > >are sourcing an RSA key components from an xml file,
 > >including the PrivateExponent.
 > >
 > >
 > I am not sure this is the problem. When we are doing decryption
 > we get the private key from a pkcs12 file. For encryption, we get
 > public key from xml file.
 > Aleksey

[1]    Decrypt existing document                             Error
[2]    Encrypt document                                      Fail
[3]    Decrypt new document                                  Error

[1] is failing because the test is doing decryption -
it is decrypting the EncryptedKey using the rsa private
key - which is read from xml. This produces a symmetric key,
which is then used for decrypting the EncryptedData.
For [1], we should read the private key from pkcs12 file.

[2] is failing because NSS refuses to do PADDING for RSA
encryption :(. I am not able to find any way to specify
padding to NSS. I'll check with the NSS team.

[3] is failing because [2] did not produce a file to be

Will keep you posted.



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