[xmlsec] xmlsec-nss patches from Sun( 2003-07-22 )

Andrew Fan Andrew.Fan at sun.com
Thu Jul 24 00:37:34 PDT 2003

This is the most valuable information for me this day. :-) If we can 
avoid "getSlot" except the xmlSec*Generate functions, I do not care 
whether useing "GetBestSlot" or not. I suggest improve the following:
1. provide a default keys manager which will enable tha suitable slot;
2. read raw key from xml document, assign NULL slot or get slot from the 
default keys manager;
3. the "getSlot" or "getBestSlot" only appears in xmlSec*Generate functions.

It's possible and pratical, my demo xmlsec-nss crypto do like above 
except I provide some redundant "getSlot" functions in the 
implementation of xmlSec*Generate functions.

Discuss and argument is a GREAT way to success.

Aleksey Sanin wrote:

>> "xmlSecNssKeyDataRsaGenerate" interfaces, I have no such a goog luck. So
>> the 'getSlot' is designed only for "KeyDataXXXGenerate" functions.
> The only thing that can use xmlSec*Generate functions is some keys 
> storage (XKMS?)
> xmlsec never calls these functions by itself. And if you want, you can 
> have xmlSecNss*GenerateExt()
> function with one additional parameter "slot". Then 
> xmlSecNssGenerate() would simply call
>        xmlSecNss*GenerateExt(..., PK11__GetBEstSlot());
>> Can we design that we specify a deault xmlSecNssKeysManager, and 
>> every loaded keys ( read from xml
>> document ) bind with the slot that enabled in the manager? That one 
>> things I want to do. 
> Sure. Again, I think that mapping alg->slot is better than plain 
> "enabled slots list"
> (my favorite example again :) ).
>> So if we provide such a keys manager, "getSlot" only work for key 
>> data generator. When we will
>> use the "KeyDataXXXGenerate" functions?
> Never. These functions are used *only* by xmlsec command line utility. 
> And these functions
> are not called from xmlsec library itself.
>> Now, maybe we have agreed where and when "getSlot" works, Only in the 
>> "KeyDataXXXGenerate"
>> interfaces. 
> See above the suggestion with xmlSecNss*GenerateExt() functions. If 
> you stick with NSS
> and don't care about portability (i.e. switching to OpenSSL, etc.) 
> then you can use
> xmlSecNss*GenerateExt()  instead.
> Aleksey

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