[xmlsec] another nss patch

Andrew Fan Andrew.Fan at sun.com
Wed Jul 23 18:59:44 PDT 2003

Aleksey Sanin wrote:

> [...]
>    4) Andrew's patches. Not sure but we can probably finish this after 
> we put
>    new xmlsec-nss to the trunk. Andrew, do you expect to have any API 
> changes
>    for the current xmlsec-nss implemetation?

As I mentioned before, I also want to create certificate store based on 
NSS certificate database handler, which will enable us use NSS other 
features, such as LDAP, OCSP, and various CRLs. And another is I want to 
create symmetric keys with crypto devices mechanism instead from a 
random generator, although it work well. And I also want to provide a 
more common key manager based on slot and certificate database. If you 
accept my ideas, I think some interfaces will be added, and some 
interfaces will be modified. I'll try my best to finish the work as soon 
as possible. Because I must talk every details with you all, I'am not 
sure how long( I think my project may be the most horried project, I 
have to finish all the features before September). So every think depend 
on your decision.

> [......]

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