[xmlsec] detached xml signature

Andrew Fan Andrew.Fan at sun.com
Tue Jul 22 23:10:22 PDT 2003

Aleksey Sanin wrote:

>> The error message is:
>> func=:file=..\src\io.c:line=423:obj=input-uri:subj=opencallback:error=7:io 
>> function failed:uri=xpointer(/precode/Encelope);errno=2
> I don't see transforms in the template and the template is not a 
> deatached signature
> (URI attribute for Reference points to the same document) thus I am 
> not sure I understand
> what is your problem.

"Detached signatures are over external network resources or local data 
objects that reside within the same XML document as sibling 
elements"(RFC3275 p7 ), "The signature( signature, detached ) is over 
content external to the Signature element, and can be identified via a 
URI or transform.  Consequently, the signature is "detached" from the 
content it signs.  This   definition typically applies to separate data 
objects, but it also includes the instance where the Signature and data 
object reside within the same XML document but are sibling elements."( 
RFC3275 p65 )

So I think the example is a detached signature template.

The detailed error message is:
library function failed:expr=xpointer(id('target'))
library function failed:
library function failed:
library function failed:
library function failed:transform=xpointer
library function failed:
library function failed:
library function failed:node=Reference
library function failed:
library function failed:
Error Message:

> However, it seems that you have a mistype: "/precode/Encelope". 
> Shouldn;t it be "/precode/Envelope"?


> Aleksey

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