[xmlsec] Windows binaries for XMLSec Library

Igor Zlatkovic igor at zlatkovic.com
Thu Jul 17 06:27:38 PDT 2003

Hi Roumen,

I am having a DOS Attack for 3 days now, the server was at it's limits this
morning as I woke up. Something or someone finds it funny to download one
and the same file every three seconds and that with a myriad of connections
in parallel. It seems that some automated DDOS worm is making it's presence
known. I have firewalled out the attacker's providers:

  [spell:~]# iptables -L
  Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)
  target prot opt source            destination
  DROP   tcp  --    anywhere     tcp dpt:http
  DROP   tcp  --   anywhere     tcp dpt:http
  DROP   tcp  --  anywhere     tcp dpt:http

If your IP address is somewhere above, then I am sorry, you cannot reach the
site anymore. I am unlikely to lift those drops any time soon. I won't pay
bandwidth for idiot's games.

Regarding the mirror, you can set it up, of course. Just that I don't have
the xmlsec 1.0.4 yet, I must still make the package.


> Hi Igor,
> I would like to download windows binaries for xmlsec, but I cannot reach
> your site.
> That force my to build own windows binaries ( executables and libraries
> ). I would like to discuss windows build, because I must change some
> libxml2, libxslt, openssl headers to avoid name clash and other problems.
> Might I can help as I can setup a mirror (downloads only or the whole
> site) of xmlsec and packages.
> Best Regards
> Roumen Petrov
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