[xmlsec] XMLDSIG and MS CryptoAPI problem...

Csaba CSABAI csaba.csabai at saveas.hu
Tue Jul 8 10:24:57 PDT 2003

Ok, then a bit more understandable, I hope: I want to write a program, what is able to generate itself an XMLDSIG without any other programs (means:xmlsec, xml-security,etc.) This program would use MS CryptoAPI for the crypto engine. The signature verify tools has a response, on the Signature what was generated by the program, its not ok. This is true, since I want to generate from the same content an xml signature, then out of the <SignatureValue> field, everything is identical with the good XML. Therefore sure, that the mistake IS the generated signature. I have looked other signatures generated by other programs (for ex. xmlsec). I did figure out, it is not the digest what have to be set by the CryptoAPI:CryptSignHash as an input (as hash data), but something else! (is it possible that there is something to vary on the source data?)
Finally, the major question is: if I see it correctly, that - the digitally signed hash and the hash in the <DigestValue> is not the same?


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> >is almost done, based on the "MS CryptoAPI", however I am 
> confronting 
> >now a new error.
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> I am not sure I clear understand what are you trying to do. 
> <DigestValue/> contains the digested
> result of processing <Reference/> element (with all transforms!). The 
> signature is applied later to
> the canonicalized <SignedInfo/> element. I would be happy to help you 
> but I just don't understand
> your questions (hint, take a look at XML DSig spec for details on 
> Signature generation).
> Aleksey
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