[xmlsec] Can't Encrypt with command-line utility

Edward Shallow ed.shallow at rogers.com
Sun Jul 6 18:08:56 PDT 2003

Hi Aleksey,

   I can't get this simple xmlsec command line utility version of your
encrypt1 example to work. Files (renamed) are straight from your examples
directory. I'm using the most recent pre-compiled Windows version 1.0.3 from
Igor's site. Console output below. Any ideas ? 

xmlsec encrypt --xml-data encrypt1-doc.xml --deskey deskey.bin
nknown:error=14:invalid type:type=NULL
Error: failed to encrypt xml file "encrypt1-doc.xml"
Error: failed to encrypt file with template "tmpl-EPM-encrypt.xml"

Also if it is not too much trouble, I would like a simple template and
"command line" encrypt example which uses recipient's public key file
(instead of deskey.bin). I assume this would be in conjunction with some
suitable symmetric block cipher. Any example would help.

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