[xmlsec] Including the X509 ?

Edward Shallow ed.shallow at rogers.com
Fri Jul 4 08:46:40 PDT 2003

Hi Aleksey,

    Firstly, I love your library, marvelous achievement.

Now, I'd like to get the sign to include my signing certificate in signed
If I manually insert them in the template file, and do a command line like

xmlsec sign --privkey-pem:EdShallow EdShallow.pem --trusted-der cacert.der
--output edsigned1.xml --pwd 123456 templateX509.xml

... And including the KeyInfo in the template as such ...

		MII ...

... Everything works great !!!

However, what to I put in the xmlsec command line and in the template file
to get xmlsec to automatically include the X509Certificate in the resultant
signed document ?

Or should I be using sign-tmpl ?


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