[xmlsec] Re: get PKCS11 slot

Tejkumar Arora tej at netscape.com
Wed Jun 18 09:43:30 PDT 2003

AFAIK, there is no such functionality in NSS.
You can only GET slot for crypto operation XXX, not SET.

You can implement SET functionality in the application space
as you had outlined... Note that if you try to use a slot
that is not the "best slot" for an op, the op might fail - so
the app better know what it is doing....


Aleksey Sanin wrote:

> BTW, can't you set "default slot for crypto operation XXX" in NSS 
> configuration?
> Aleksey
> Tejkumar Arora wrote:
>> Andrew,
>> Do you have a real use-case where you want to use a specific slot
>> for encryption instead of the "best slot"?.
>> The slot choice is made for several operations (key generation,
>> signature ops, hashing, macing etc....), and there should be
>> a good reason if you want the slot override feature....
>> -Tej
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