[xmlsec] Support for Microsoft CryptoAPI and certificate store

Olger Warnier olger at xs4all.nl
Wed Jun 11 05:31:55 PDT 2003

Hi Glenn,

I agree that the integration with the MS certificate store is important
for windows users. I am dusting of the code till now, updating that to the
HEAD (could also use another, Aleksey maybe has a recommendation) revision
of the xmlsec project in cvs.
We were already busy with the integration of the certificate store and I
have to get the code compiling. When that is done, I can send you the code
in some format..
How do you like to have it ?
Aleksey: is some kind of cvs structure an option ?

Kind Regards,


>> Hi Glenn,
>> Together with a friend, I've been working on the CryptoAPI
>> integration. As you might know, XMLSec support multiple
>> crypto api's next to the openssl engine.
>> We have a complete framework and a small bit of the
>> encryption functionality working. At this point, integration
>> with the certificate store is required to proceed further on
>> the signatures and encryption. We had to postpone further
>> activities for now due to a lack of time.
>> If you like to join the effort, you're welcome :)
> 	I, like you, don't have lots of time to spare but I do have
> some. I have some experience with CryptoAPI so let me know what I
> can do to help and I'll do what I can.
> 	I think that integration with the certificate store is important
> if XMLSec is going to be useful in the Microsoft environment.
>> Regards,
>> Olger
>> >
>> > 	I would like to use XMLSec as the basis for XML
>> Encryption and XML
>> > Signature support in our products.However, I think that our Windows
>> > customers would be much
>> > happier if we could integrate with Windows' built in PKI. Has any
>> > consideration been given
>> > to modifying XMLSec so that it can use CryptoAPI  as an
>> encryption engine
>> > and the Microsoft
>> > Certificate Store as a certificate store.
>> >
>> > 	I'm willing to help with such a project if there is
>> interest. Of
>> > course, I'll have to check with our legal experts to see that this
>> > wouldn't violate the silly US laws that govern encryption.
>> >
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