[xmlsec] xmlSecIORegisterCallbacks problems

Asbjørn Oskal asbjorn.oskal at welldiagnostics.com
Fri Jun 6 04:12:03 PDT 2003


I have been using the 0.0.11 version for som time and it have worked very well.

Now I'm trying to upgrade to version 1.0.2. It works up to a certain point.
I can sign documents when having references with URI="" but I also want
to use other types of URIs.
So I register my IO callbacks with xmlSecIORegisterCallbacks.
This used to work (although I used xmlRegisterInputCallbacks instead).
Then I could use my own type of reference-URIs and my callbacks were used to read
the data.
Now they do not get called anymore.

PS. I have also upgraded to libxml2-2.5.7.


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