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Venky Madireddi venky at arvasoft.com
Wed Jun 4 00:53:34 PDT 2003

I have downloaded xss4j from IBM to get the exc c14n output, I will compare
it with the one from xmlsec. Unfortunately, I don't have any control on what
type of c14n method Websphere uses. The interoperability with Websphere
would be one of our requirements.


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    Thanks for the reply, I am sorry about not using the mailing list, will
make sure to use it in the future.
  It would be great if you also subscribe to the list since you have to be
  in order to post :)

    I don't have a DTD, I am using the xmlAddID function to inform LibXML2
about all the ID's.
  Does not matter. xmlAddID() should work too.

     Also, I am capturing the response directly from Websphere and storing
it to a file in binary mode.

    Since there is no way I could get to the code of Websphere, do you have
any other suggestions on how to solve this issue?

  I looked at your files first time with "--print-all" option I told you
  xmlsec output seems perfectly valid to me. However, the c14n might
  depend on the DTD/schema. If you have any kind of DTD/schema on the
  Websphere side then it might screw up the digest. I don't have a WebSphere
  to try it out myself so you are on your own here. And you don't need the
  you just need a dump of pre-digested data. If there is a exc c14n function
  you might try to execute it by yourself. Also I would suggest to try c14n
instead of
   exc c14n just to see if it will work on not.


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