[xmlsec] Microsoft .NET compatibility

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Tue May 20 00:52:07 PDT 2003


Thanks a lot! I'll post to the list all the information I would get :)


Rob Cronin wrote:

> Hi Aleksey,
> I had sent a previous email with documents showing what the Microsoft 
> code produces and what has to be done to the produced Microsoft code 
> in order to make it work with xmlsec, but I did not include any C# 
> code from Microsoft.  I resent the stuff in that email as xmlsec.zip.  
> It contains a certificate, cert.pem, a key for that certificate, 
> key.pem, the trusted root certificate, cacert.pem, a signed document 
> from xmlsec, signed.xml, microsoft output, microsoft.xml, modified 
> microsoft output to get it to work with xmlsec, by removing the white 
> lines, microsoftfin.xml, a dtd file, dtd2.dtd, and the template to 
> sign, tmpl.xml

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