[xmlsec] Examples on Unix, where are makefiles?

non_given at msn.com non_given at msn.com
Mon May 19 04:18:53 PDT 2003

I was looking for Makefiles for the examples on Unix.
The examples directory includes the source for several
examples but the only Makefiles that appear to be provided are:

The README file says on Unix to do these steps but there is
no autogen.sh 
in the examples directory:

The ChangeLog indicates I should find a Makefile:
Sun 20 Apr 2003 02:57:06 PM PDT Aleksey Sanin
<aleksey at aleksey.com>
	* examples/*: replaced configure.in with simple Makefile to 
	prevent problems on different platforms

So am I missing something? Are there some makefiles for the
examples for Unix?
I looked in the online CVS examples directory and didn't
see anything there either.


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