[xmlsec] versioning and library naming policies

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Wed Apr 2 16:16:46 PST 2003

 From what I am hearing, the goal is a *full* independence: users should 
be able
to have two different major releases installed in parallel. And binary 
files also
have API (option flags and/or features, for example).


Wan-Teh Chang wrote:

>  Aleksey Sanin wrote:
> > Well, you have valid points but I really don't like "xmlsec-1.1" as a
> > filename for
> > an executable.
>You don't need to have any version numbers in the executable programs'
>file names.  Older versions should be installed in separate directories
>and people who want to use older versions can point their PATH to those
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