[xmlsec] Library versioning

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Mon Mar 31 11:33:02 PST 2003

Hi, Scott!

Thanks for the link! I believe that currently we are doing right thing with
an exception of wrong version numbers (0.1.x)  for new development series.
But this will be fixed with the release of new library which will be 
called 1.0.0.


Scott Cantor wrote:

>Noticing the recent comments about .so versions, do yourself a favor and make sure you adhere to this spec:
>A lot of projects (e.g. OpenSSL) do not, and it's a serious pain in the butt to deal with in many cases. I expect the excuse tends
>to be "we're not at 1.0 yet, so it doesn't matter", but if it's in wide usage before 1.0, then that's enough to justify doing the
>right thing.
>-- Scott
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