[xmlsec] canonicalization and transcoding

Slava Kostin sk_home at mail333.com
Sat Mar 29 05:51:58 PST 2003

Hello, Aleksey Sanin.

I'm really sorry, but let me to draw away you ones more...

AS> Next, there is no reason why XML parser should replace
AS>     <foo />
AS> with
AS>     <foo></foo>
AS> The "<foo/>" is a perfectly valid XML.


AS> There is also no reason for XML parser to sort nodes (moreover,
AS> the parser that does it is actualy not an XML parser at all :) ).

Canonical XML
Version 1.0
W3C Recommendation 15 March 2001


3.3. Start and End Tags

Doesn't this section describe such process?


- *Empty element conversion to start-end tag pair*
- Normalization of whitespace in start and end tags
- Relative order of namespace and attribute axes
- *Lexicographic ordering of namespace and attribute axes*
- Retention of namespace prefixes from original document
- Elimination of superfluous namespace declarations
- Addition of default attribute

AS> Of course, you can force libxml to write document in any other
AS> encoding but this is beyond the limits of the xmlsec library
AS> examples.

Thank you.

Best regards,  
Slava Kostin

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