[xmlsec] please help to choose a version

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Fri Mar 28 19:43:27 PST 2003

I am not expecting to stop support for 0.0.x a day after new version 
However, as you may expect, all the changes will go to the "fresh" 
version first.
Backporting changes to old version or not would be decided on case by 
case basis.
If you are starting a new project I would strongly advise to go with new 
It's slightly faster, easier to program and provide much more control 
for application.

And I have to disagree with you about porting from 0.0.x to 0.1.1. I did 
about 3500 lines of code for xmlsec command line utility in about a day. 
mention, that now it is only about 3000 lines :) 


Slava Kostin wrote:

>So, I carried out the analysis and decided to use xmlsec.
>Version 0.0.14 is fully satisfying with all my requirements. What
>about this version? Would it be changed according to XMLDSig standard
>changes in future? And may be there's other reasons to use version
>0.1.1 except possibility to use library with different crypto engines?
>It seems to me it will be not trivial task to port my sources from
>using version 0.0.X to 0.1.X of library...
>That's why I'm asking such question.
>Best regards,  
>Slava Kostin
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