[xmlsec] Error in transforms.c

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Wed Mar 26 01:55:41 PST 2003

This error means that Reference verification failed. There are many 
posible reasons
for this, the most probable ones are:
    - the data were changed;
    - there is a bug in VISA software or in XMLSec library.

Several people complained about problems with recent VISA examples 
recently. I've looked at a couple examples and I don't see problems on 
side (hint: use "--print-all" option for xmlsec command line utility). 
The signature
is really simple and I would be really surprised if it's a bug in 
XMLSec  because I did
change nothing in this area recently and such simple signatures were 
tested by many
people. However, if anyone will be able to figure out what is the 
problem I would be
happy to fix XMLSec.

Sorry, I don't think I can help you much right now.

With best regards,


Ayhan AVCI wrote:

>Ive a problem about the same subject, trying to verify an xml file using
>x509 ca. Ive followed the instructions below and called xmlsec with the
>parameters below;
>verify --dtdfile http://localhost/3dsecurem.dtd --trusted
>C:\Test\GPayments.cer c:\Test\PARes.xml
>ive also replaced the value of id from CDATA to id in the dtd file. The
>output is something like this:
>xmlSecSignedInfoRead (..\src\xmldsig.c:1493): error 51: invalid reference :
>= Status:
>== Signatures ok: 0
>== Signatures fail: 1
>== SignedInfo Ref ok: 0
>== SignedInfo Ref fail: 1
>== Manifest Ref ok: 0
>== Manifest Ref fail: 0
>What does that error mean ? Is that problem about my files or have i done
>something missing or wrong (.cer or .xml or .dtd) ?
>Thanks for your help, sincerely
>Ayhan AVCI

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