[xmlsec] XPointer problem

Matthias Jung matthias.jung at xtradyne.com
Wed Mar 12 06:39:57 PST 2003

I have to agrree with you. The spec seems to be quite unclear in this 
Maybe the next version is some more clear at this point.

Xmlsec could interpret the handling in it's own way, but as long it 
conflicts with id processing
and there is no need, why should it?

As I said before, I do not have a real need for this feature, I was just 
performing some tests
and am able to help myself with other expressions returning the same 
At least I (we) know some more limits of XPointer usage ...

Again, thanks for help


Aleksey Sanin wrote:

> If I am reading the spec correctly, this is not xmlsec but XML DSig 
> restriction:
>        http://www.w3.org/TR/xmldsig-core/#sec-ReferenceProcessingModel
> Unfortunatelly, I don't know how to differentiate '#id ' from 
> '#shorthand-expr'.
> There is an option of checking the first letter after '#' and if it is 
> '/'assume that
> this is shorthand expression and otherwise it is an id. But I am not 
> sure that
> this is correct way of doing this (afaik, there is no restriction that 
> id could not
> start from '/', for example, "<test ID="/aaa"/>" seems absolutelly 
> legal to me).
> Aleksey
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