[xmlsec] Web form signing

Alexis Kiba alexk at intelsys.ru
Thu Jan 9 01:24:40 PST 2003

Hello Aleksey!

Thursday, January 9, 2003, 11:49:25 AM, you wrote:

AS> First of all, tt's well known but worth repeating: where is no 
AS> "unbreakable" systems.

This is not exactly what I do mean.

We make Web site which contain form to be signed.
User come to our site in particular browser.
Hi try to send form, what shell we tell to he ?
"Download our software and install it" ?
And next step this software will ask for passphrase to secret keys.
What user will mean about our goals ?
And in which words can we explayn our goals to he ?
I do not see any rational way without making our own PKI..

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