[xmlsec] enc1 example does not exactly produce the output xml ?

Meg Morgan meg at votehere.net
Mon Jan 6 15:54:13 PST 2003

Unless I'm mistaken, there are a few omissions in the
encryption example.  In order to get the element <KeyName>
and the content "test-des3" I had to add/change the following:

xmlNodePtr encKeyInfo = NULL;
encKeyInfo = xmlSecEncDataAddKeyInfo(encData);  // your code (cur renamed to encKeyInfo)
cur = xmlSecKeyInfoAddKeyName(encKeyInfo);      // my added two lines
xmlNodeSetContent(cur, BAD_CAST des3Key->name);

Similarly, the example code provided an element for the KeyName
"test-rsa-key" but didn't set the content:

cur = xmlSecKeyInfoAddKeyName(cur);  // your code
xmlNodeSetContent(cur, BAD_CAST key->name);  // my added line

Was there some other means of populating the content of these
elements?  Similarly, I don't see in your code where the encrypted
session key and the encryption data get stuffed into their respective
CipherValue elements.

Thank you for your help,
Meg Morgan

Meg Morgan                           425/739-2534
meg at votehere.net                   http://www.votehere.net

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