[xmlsec] Exceptions occuring when trying to use encryption

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Mon Dec 30 12:16:20 PST 2002

It seems that you have a compilation problem. Please check the
value of xmlSecEncDes3Cbc in the debugger. It seems like there is
a problem accessing variables declared in DLLs. Probably the good idea
would be to recompile the xmlsec library using Borland compiler itself
(if you are using Windows binaries from Igor).


Remy Lebeau wrote:

>I'm a new user of XMLSec, trying to use XMLSec (and
>XMLLib) under Borland C++Builder 6.  Following the
>Encryption example on
>http://www.aleksey.com/xmlsec/example-enc1.html, the
>xmlSecEncDataAddEncMethod() function is throwing an
>access violation exception inside libxmlsec.dll
>whenever I pass in any the predefined TransformId
>variables, such as xmlSecEncDes3Cbc.  However, if I
>declare and fill in my own local
>_xmlSecTransformIdStruct instance, it doesn't crash.
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