[xmlsec] Information

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Fri Dec 27 08:51:10 PST 2002

Hi, Ricardo!

The document was encrypted correctly. The first error is just a warning 
and may be safely ignored.
I am not sure I clear understand why there is a second error. It looks 
dangerous. The good news
is that I can reproduce it. I'll look at this later. But as I said, the 
document is encrypted
and you just need to separate stdout (the result document) and stderr 
(the errors) to get it.

> PS : Where can I find the function 'xmlSecAssert' that you use in 
> xmltree.c?


> PSS : Where can I find your answare in my e-mail box or in a mailing list?

In both, actually. But I would suggest you to subscribe to mailing list. 
Only subscribers
are allowed to post in the list directly.

With best regards,

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