[xmlsec] xmlse usage

Wayne Cheng chengw168 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 23 22:46:46 PST 2002

Hi Aleksey,

I read the docuement and still cannot get it how to run
the xmlsec utility for verify the signed xml document with certificate

is it the command format is "xmlsec verify file_name_with_certificate_inside"?

the output of tests/testDSig.sh just me a bunch of errors.



i) is it possible to include the certifcate in the
signed xml docuement and be verified by xmlsec utility without inputing
public key?  
Yes, it is possible. Read xmlsec utility help page, XMLDSig spec and examples 
from the tests/testDSig.sh

how to resolve the following error message?
Read section 3.2 of the FAQ http://www.aleksey.com/xmlsec/faq.html

ii) I need to use the key and certificate generated with vendor hardware,
for openssl, it needs to turn -engine chil to make it work. I noticed that
xmlsec utility doesn't have such an option to take advantage of hardware
accelated certificate/key pairs. Is there a way to enable it in program?
Write your own program. xmlsec utility is only a simple example.

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