[xmlsec] [EGB] There might be a BUG on the XMLSec Library...

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Mon Dec 23 07:58:26 PST 2002


It's actually a bug in the example :) The reasons for the error you have 
described in the FAQ (section 3.2)
While I've updated test.tmpl file for this example I simply forgot to 
re-run it
and generate a new test.xml file :)  The problem is fixed in 0.0.x 
branch and
on the we site.

Thanks for report,

EGB:STONEROSES at MATRIX (Blusjune Jung / Daum.net) wrote:

>Hi~ :)
>I've tested all XML DSig examples.
>Each test was successful.
>But, there's one suspicious test result:
>By use of program xmlsec(1) automatically installed by XMLSec library,
>I was trying to verify the signed XML document
>``test.xml'' located at http://www.aleksey.com/xmlsec/examples/dsig3/test.xml
>(this file is also included in XMLSec library distribution
> at docs/examples/dsig3/test.xml)
>But the result is the very operation failure,
>	not a verification failure.
>Here's the dump of that test result :
>-----BEGIN DUMP-----
>[EGBX:dsig3 (533)]$ xmlsec verify --print-all test.xml 
>xmlSecTransformStateParseUri (transforms.c:1181): error 4: xml operation failed : xmlXPtrEval(xpointer(id('SomeData'))) 
>xmlSecTransformStateCreate (transforms.c:881): error 2: xmlsec operation failed : xmlSecTransformStateParseUri(#xpointer(id('SomeData'))) 
>xmlSecReferenceRead (xmldsig.c:1602): error 2: xmlsec operation failed : xmlSecTransformStateCreate 
>xmlSecSignedInfoRead (xmldsig.c:1476): error 2: xmlsec operation failed : xmlSecReferenceRead - -1 
>xmlSecSignatureRead (xmldsig.c:1175): error 2: xmlsec operation failed : xmlSecSignedInfoRead - -1 
>xmlSecDSigValidate (xmldsig.c:733): error 2: xmlsec operation failed : xmlSecSignatureRead - -1 
>Error: operation failed
>-----END DUMP-----
>I think that this problematic situation may be caused by
>the bug of XPointer module(evaluation).
>What do you think about it?
>Is it really a serious bug?
>Has it been reported before?
>How can I solve this problem?
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