[xmlsec] Windows Binaries Moved

Igor Zlatkovic igor at zlatkovic.com
Wed Dec 18 06:29:35 PST 2002

Hi there,

Finally I have managed to break the quota limit on the university web 
server. Well... with all those damn photos, no wonder at all :-)

I have set up a new location with hopefully enough disc space for the years 
to come. Windows binaries of libxml2, libxslt, xmlsec and all that goes with 
it are now homed at:


The old site will remain around for a while, but will be shut down sometime 
next year.

Following the same logic, my email address will be shut down in about the 
same time as the old site, so let the one I am sending this from become the 
primary contact.

Please, please, please update your links, bookmarks and alike.


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