[xmlsec] verification for dsig2.c

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Sat Dec 14 14:33:08 PST 2002

This is the command line you gave in previous message:
        ./dsig2 DSAprivate test.xml > result.xml
Please, take a look at your files and read spec.


vish ch wrote:

> Hi,
> Im sorry , i think i confused u a bit. when i said that i used 
> test.xml, i meant i used a template document for which i signed and 
> verified using the DSAPrivate and DSAPublic keys . But now i want to 
> verify the signed document using dsig2. how can i verify the signed 
> document which is signed using dsig2.
> thanks in advance,
> Vish.

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