[xmlsec] Usage of xmlsec

Kabher Khan kabherkhan at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 12 05:31:17 PST 2002

Hai !


I have some problems in usimg xmlsec tool for signing and encryption.

i am trying to sign a XML file using pem and PKCS12 files and pemfiles that includes certficate and pe\rivate key.

   xmlsec sign  --pkcs12[:Test] MyPKCS.pkcs12 SignME.xml
   xmlsec sign  --pkcs12[:Test] MyPKCS.pkcs12 SignME.xml > SinmeOut.xml

it is asking for password and after password verification it says 

failed to find signature node.


   xmlsec sign --privkey Key.pem SignME.xml it is also giving me the same error.


Can u provide some examples to how to use xmlsec for signing,verification,encryption,Decryption.

   One more big question i have is interoperatabilty of this lib with other lib's like MSoft,IBM,and Other Libs.










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