[xmlsec] PKS keys

david.varas at usach.cl david.varas at usach.cl
Wed Dec 11 11:33:12 PST 2002

I use the funtion:


to change the KeysMngr, 

and the output apears the follows lines.

[ovaras at ws1_6 proyecto]$ dsig test.tmpl
xmlSecPKCS12ReadKey (x509.c:121): error 3: crypto operation failed : PKCS12_verify_mac
- 0
xmlSecSimpleKeysMngrLoadPkcs12 (keysmngr.c:690): error 2: xmlsec operation
failed :

because why apears this error, if the name of the cert is OK, or it`s a
problem of compatibility.¿?

Have a nice day

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