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david.varas at usach.cl david.varas at usach.cl
Wed Dec 11 09:08:33 PST 2002


I have a next problem:

-I have a certificate, with includes the private and the public key, and
-In format PCS12, 
-I want to extract the private key and sign a document with this key.
-Also extract the public key, from the certificate,  for  verification.

I use the function to load the key: 


***¿this key is the public key o private key?***

And I don´t know how modify the key manager (KeysMngr),with this only key,
I need this mngr for create the context (xmlSecDSigCtxCreate), for sign.

It´s posible resolve this problem with xmlsec.¿?

Thanks, have a nice Day

David Varas

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