[xmlsec] problem signing the document

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Sun Dec 8 17:26:01 PST 2002

The xmlsec now supports loading RSA keys from PEM, PKCS12 or XML files.
If you can convert you key to either of these formats then you can use
it with xmlsec. I am not sure about GnuPG but you can use the following
OpenSSL command:
        > openssl genrsa -out rsa-key.pem  1024
to generate new 1024 bits RSA key and write it to "rsa-key.pem" file (in
PEM format :) ).

Using xmlsec you can generate keys in XML format. For example,
the following command will generate RSA key with name "test" and store
it in "rsa-key.xml" file:
    > xmlsec keys --gen-rsa test rsa-key.xml


john k wrote:

> Hello,
>   Iam a beginner in both cryptography and xml, i have a RSA key 
> generated using GnuPG on debian.how can i use this key to sign the xml 
> documents or do i need to use some other key. Also i have problems in 
> genaerating keys using xmlsec utility (--keys management options 
> --gen-key) . i have installed xmlsec but confused about
> how to use it. Please help me regarding this
> Thanks,
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