[xmlsec] Verifying multiple signature

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Sat Dec 7 20:08:02 PST 2002

The library API requires the <dsig:Signature> node specification:
and the xmlsec command line utility also has an option to set the
<dsig:Siganture> node ID attribute with  "--node-id" option
(please do not forget that you have to have DTD if you want to use
ID attribute).

In order to verify signature that contains other signatures you need to
just verify one after another. However, if you generate such a complex
signature you probably want to make sure that you don't have "cross


Pedro Orrego wrote:

>I'm using XMLSec 0.0.11 and I need to process an xml file that contains many components, each one with its own signature element.
>Are there any way to verify the signature of a just a particular component ?
>How do I verify the signature of a document that contains elements that are also signed ?
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