[xmlsec] Adding multiple certificates to a pre-signature message or a signed message

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Fri Dec 6 15:06:51 PST 2002

The simplest way is to add multiple certificates to the key and add
one <X509Data> node to the <KeyInfo>. All the certs found in the key
(as well as all CRLs) should be written into the <X509Data> node.
The function you might want to look at are:



You are absolutelly right that the current API is not really clear. I am 
on fixing this :)


Jeff Lancelle wrote:

>What is the best way to efficiently create an X509Data
>structure with multiple certificates that form a
>certificate chain. I have been trying to create it
>dynamically with some issues through the API.
>Question :
>Is there something I am missing in the API that would
>allow me to do this easily, or would the best solution
>be a static template? 
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