[xmlsec] Problem with ver 0.0.11

Igor Zlatkovic igor at stud.fh-frankfurt.de
Thu Dec 5 10:06:04 PST 2002

The -z3 is specified in .cvsrc :-) I meant
   "cvs checkout -r xmlsec-0_0_11 -d xmlsec-0.0.11 xmlsec"
and there is no directory in src except "CVS", which should be normal enough.

I have a great deal of errors in an openssl header (???) which propagate to 
src/x509.c. This is something damn trivial and annoying, I'll check it 
later. First I wanted to update the website with new styles and at the end 
of the redesign I had to discover that the latest Internet Explorer does not 
support PNG images in 32-bit RGBA mode.


Aleksey Sanin wrote:
> Hm.. I hope you meant "cvs -z3 co -r xmlsec-0_0_11 xmlsec" :)
> Please check that you don't have src/openssl and src/nss folders.
> If it's the case then you have correct sources and there should
> be no problems with compilation at all. Please let me know
> if I can help you somehow.

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