[xmlsec] Problem with ver 0.0.11

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Thu Dec 5 08:35:05 PST 2002

Hm.. I hope you meant "cvs -z3 co -r xmlsec-0_0_11 xmlsec" :)
Please check that you don't have src/openssl and src/nss folders.
If it's the case then you have correct sources and there should
be no problems with compilation at all. Please let me know
if I can help you somehow.


Igor Zlatkovic wrote:

> Hi there,
>>     I downloaded v0.0.11 binary code from Mr. Igor's site so that I 
>> could avoid
>> miscompilation. I try to sign with the template with ver0.0.11, it 
>> works(sign and verify ok):
> I have not released 0.0.11 binaries yet, so what have you downloaded?
> The 0.0.11 release ("cvs checkout -r xmlsec-0_0_11", correct me if 
> that was wrong) had the compiler produce several hundred errors. I am 
> now updating the website, will check what's amiss later today.
> Ciao
> Igor
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