[xmlsec] api-doc, gtkdoc

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Tue Dec 3 08:03:01 PST 2002

Looks like there are some problems with DocBook on SuSe. Check this link:

use google (or any other search engine) if you want to find more details.


Jürgen Urban wrote:

>I added some pkcs#11-functions (e.g. smartcards) and I tried to "make 
>api-doc", but there were no html-files created.
>I get many messages and don't know what the mistake is.
>There are missing elements in the sgml-files. I think that the missing 
>elements must be defined in any docbook.
>I have these docbooks installed in "/usr/share/sgml/docbook/" (System Linux 
>SuSe 8.0):
>docbook-dsssl-stylesheets (soft link -> dsssl-stylesheets-1.74b)
>sgml-dtd-3.0-1.0-8 (soft link -> sgml-dtd-3.0)
>dsssl-stylesheets (soft link -> dsssl-stylesheets-1.74b)
>Which docbooks do I need?
>I tried to find documentation about gtk-doc, but I can't find anything good.
>Thank You for helping and best regards,
>Jürgen Urban

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