[xmlsec] error message output

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Wed Nov 27 07:53:21 PST 2002

I see only one reasons not to do this. ERR_STRING_DATA is OpenSSL
specific structure. Right now I am trying to separate crypto code from
everything else and I have not yet decided what to do with errors strings.
Most likely, there will be a separate error strings list and I think I 
got your
point that it should be "visible".


Matthias Jung wrote:

> Aleksey, Igor
> glad about the callback functionality to output error messages, I have 
> written a new "xmlSecErrorsCallback" function.
> This new function is very similar to the default 
> ("xmlSecErrorsDefaultCallback") function but uses my own logging 
> mechanism.
> Unfortunately I couldn't access the "xmlSecStrReasons" array because 
> this variable was not exported and not accessable from xmlsec.dll (as 
> you see it is Windows OS)
> To help myself I have exported this array on my own.
> In "errors.h" I have added the new declaration:
> Now this variable is accessable by my own callback function (defined 
> in my application) and error message output to a logging file is fine.
> In my eys this is a clever extension that should be adopted to the 
> xmlsec project.
> Is there a special reason why this was not done by now???
>    Cheers Matthias
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