[xmlsec] typo in tests/testEnc.sh - xmlsec0.0.10

Martin Waite martin at datacash.com
Tue Nov 26 04:03:01 PST 2002

On Mon, 2002-11-25 at 17:07, Aleksey Sanin wrote:
> The "topfolder" is a command line parameter. Everything works just fine
> if you use 'make check'. If you are trying to run the testEnc.sh script
> by yourself, then you need to provide correct parameters in the command 
> line.
Hi Aleksey,

I have just unpacked the tarball again and re-run configure, make, and 
make check.

I still get an error in test aleksey-xmlenc-01/enc-des3cbc-keyname, and
in the log file I see:

--- testEnc started (20021126_114508)


../apps/xmlsec encrypt --keys ../tests/keys.xml --binary ../tests/aleksey-xmlenc-01/enc-des3cbc-keyname.data ../tests/aleksey-xmlenc-01/enc-des3cbc-keyname.tmpl
warning: failed to load external entity "../tests/keys.xml"


This seems to indicate that the encrypt part of the test is looking in the 
wrong place for the keys.xml file.

In testEnc.sh, I find:

  execEncTest "aleksey-xmlenc-01/enc-des3cbc-keyname" \  
    "--keys $topfolder/keys/keys.xml" \
    "--keys $keysfile --binary $topfolder/aleksey-xmlenc-01/enc-des3cbc-keyname.data" \
    "--keys $keysfile"

where the definition of $keysfile is:


Most of the tests explicitly state "--keys $topfolder/keys/keys.xml", but there
are the 8 aleksey-xmlenc-01 tests which use "--keys $keysfile" which points to
the wrong place.


Most of the encryption tests are failing in any case - I take it 
that any test mentioning "aes" will fail unless I have openssl
0.9.7  (which I don't).  I am only looking for support for XML 
Signature, so I think I'm OK with this just now.

Thanks for a great library.


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