[xmlsec] xmlSecSignedInfoRead (..\src\xmldsig.c:1493): error 51: invalid r eference :

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Mon Nov 11 08:56:13 PST 2002

Please, check that you compile using the same runtime as the one used
in Igor's binaries. It does look like exported variables are broken. For 
check the value of xmlSecTransformEnveloped variable is not NULL
(I suspect it is NULL). This problem was reported before but I don't 
know how
to reproduce or fix it (sorry, my primary platform is Linux).
Also, AFAIK, Igor compiles binaries using MSVC 7 and I might expect problems
with using his binaries with MSVC 6.


Vijaya Krishna Potluri wrote:

> Thankyou for your immediate reply.I've downloaded all the binaries, and I'm
>using them only. I didnt compile anything at my end. In the program that I'm
>refering, ie "Example 4. Verifying signatures in the document", the function
>"xmlSecDSigValidate" returns 0. But during the course of its execution, it
>is calling the function  
>xmlSecSignedInfoRead , which is throwing the error(error 51: invalid
>reference.). Ading to this I get the alert box, "Memory could not be
>written, do you want to debug?", when the function
>"xmlSecDSigResultDebugDump" is executed.
>  Can you help me regarding this.

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