[xmlsec] Signature verification

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Sun Nov 3 10:17:06 PST 2002

Use xmlsec command line utility and try --print-all option.
Also you shoulld have some errors printed out, they should
give you a hint.
BTW, are you sure that you have the signing key and xmlsec
found it?


Gregor Ibic wrote:

>Im trying to verify signature from my module with xmlsec. For now with
>Enveloping mode.
>I get the same digest for Object node, but the signature is different.
>I tried to check what is the digest of SignedInfo node, but I cant read it,
>cause it is really nested with pointers to functions.
>The content of C14N data that is signed is the same and of the same length,
>so difference is in digesting and signing.
>Digest method is the same like for Object node, so I think that there should
>be a difference in signing procedure. I use RSA method.
>How could I find where is the problem?
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