[xmlsec] Using XPath

Gregor Ibic gregor.ibic at intelicom.si
Sun Nov 3 03:02:24 PST 2002

For enveloped signature I have to select all nodes except the Signature
How can I do this? This is specified in w3c xmlsig with the expresion
or some larger function that uses here() function.

I will parse your code for here() registration.


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Gregor Ibic wrote:

>An how can I register it?
Check the xmlsoft mailing list, Daniel answered on my question
with detailed explanations. Or look at the XMLSec sources (grep
for "here" in the xpath.c).

>What about not(xpath_statement), how can I select all nodes that are not in
>the xpath?
>Exclude nodes that are in path?
I am not sure that you can do it with XPath. I am sorry but I never
had this problem. Please check XPath specification.


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