[xmlsec] Using XPath

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Sun Nov 3 02:21:25 PST 2002

The here() function could be used from C code. You just need to register it
in the XPath context.
I am not sure but AFAIK the XPath spec says that not() is boolean. Have you
checked your XPath expression with xmllint command line tool? If it does not
work as expected then probably there is an unimplemented corner case in 


Gregor Ibic wrote:

>Hi Aleksey!
>I saw that you asked for here() function on libxml mailing list?
>Did you implemented it, or it is already there in some version of libxml?
>What about not(xpath_statement), can I select all nodes that are not in the
>I only get a boolean result.
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