[xmlsec] XML Sig

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Fri Nov 1 00:39:04 PST 2002

Gregor Ibic wrote:

>>>If you re using xmlsec command line utility tool then you might use
>>>"--print-all" option to see
>There is no similar option. I recompiled xmlsec from source v 0.10.
>Using it under win32 platform but also on linux.
Yes, you are right. This is an option for the  verification. Just sign 
document with xmlsec and then
verify it with "--print-all" option.  

>of course, I always digest the same document with code and your xmlsec, but
>in the second example I added CRNL to elements to see if C14N is actually
>done on the node.
>With xmlsec the C14N is not executed on the node. Maybe it is ok this way
>but how can this signature be multiplatform?
I would be really surprised if C14N is not executed. I have to say that 
C14N preserves "new lines":
You *must* have different digests in the first and second cases.


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