[xmlsec] Little logic error

Igor Zlatkovic igor at stud.fh-frankfurt.de
Mon Oct 21 09:47:26 PDT 2002

> The problem is that if the new compiler does not support __FUNCTION__ and
> we do not have it in the list
> #if defined(__A_COMPILER__) && (__A_COMPILER__ < X)
> #define __FUNCTION__ ""
> #endif
> then there eill be misterious errors during compilation like:
>   ..\src\bn.c(208) : warning C4024: 'xmlSecError' : different types for 
> formal and
>   actual parameter 3

Don't worry about that. You'll certainly get an error like "__FUNCTION__: 
undeclared identifier" in that case, before the above warning appears. This 
will be a clear message telling what's amiss.

> IMHO, in all cases we will need to list either all compilers that 
> supports __FUNCTION__
> or all compilers that do not support __FUNCTIN__ :( I think the question 
> is which list
> is bigger and it looks like now we have only one compiler that does not 
> (MSC < 0013).
> So you win  :)

Well, then note a point for me :-) True enough, __FUNCTION__ is a part of 
the C standard now and the list of compilers which don't support it will 
remain much smaller.

> Thanks for taking care of this!

Thank you for making xmlsec, an act that gives me something to take care of 
:-) I'll commit this into CVS.


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