[xmlsec] 0.0.9 Debian packages

John Belmonte jvb at prairienet.org
Sat Oct 12 23:35:18 PDT 2002


Debian packages for xmlsec 0.0.9 are now available at 

Requests to Aleksey:

      * please add configure option for dynamic link of
command line xmlsec

      * examples/dsig4/test.pl: add newline to end of file, add script
magic "#!/usr/bin/perl"

      * if you have any influence on the libxml2 authors, please try
to get xml2-config fixed.  Its output doesn't include libz, and the 
problem propagates to xmlsec-config.  I submitted a bug to Debian 
tracking about this in August, including a patch


http:// i      .   /

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