[xmlsec] Create a .pem file

Lionel Crine 2 lionel.crine at free.fr
Mon Oct 7 14:31:17 PDT 2002


I've installed xmlsec but I don't know how to use it.

1/ There are several examples to sign or encrypt documents. 
  But should I create the .c files or xmlsec does it for me?

I'm a little bit confused.

2/ What is a CA?

3/ I sign a template document but in the command tool xmlsec, can I specify 
the output file?
I use  :  xmlsec sign --keys keys.xml sig.xml

4/ How can I create my own rsa, dsa keys ?

I'm sure i'm missing some points.
Can you give me a hand?


Using libXML 2.4.24
LibXSLT 1.0.20
Openssl 0.9.7

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